Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

Nurse call system can be defined as an electrically operated system which enables the patient to alert a nurse from a bedside station. In case of any help, the patient press the bedside button to call the nurse immediately to attend the attendant whenever he required the nurse.

Connect Patients and Nursing Staff Quickly, Easily and Accurately

1. Nurse Call system display respective bed no. on the screen ( Display + Sound Alert + Voice Over ).

2. Remote of Nurse call system facilitated/provided at every patient bed head side. In case of emergency patient press the ON button to call the nurse.

3. After receiving alert nurse reach to the respective bed no. to attend the patient.

4. If nurse required an extra nurse, the nurse call system allow for immediate response to a query.


Nurse Station LCD

  • Capacity upto 60 Beds.
  • LCD display 1366 x 768 px,  19 inches color screen.
  • The Nurse Station can monitor the status of their patients in the ward with real time alarms and status.
  • Speaker for notification alert and voice over alert.
  • Display real time data with bed number on the screen.
  • Log generation with different date and time with download and email facility.
  • Hassle free Wi-Fi communication with Bed Head Units, Toilets Unit, Door Indicators, Special Key for Nurse.
  • Display all types of emergencies with suitable blinking icons on the screen.
  • Mobile application also provided for better notification alert. ( Only for Doctors )
  • Set your preferable Call Announcement language.
  • Automatic email facility to email daily or weekly log reports.


The System’s Modules

  • Bed Head Unit : - Four color led used to indicate different emergency with different color, uses a modular electrical switch outlet. Wi-Fi enabled device connect automatically with nurse call station.

1. Call : - LED indication for call is red color

2. Wait : - LED indication for wait is yellow color

3. Ready : - LE indication for ready is green color

  • Head Set Unit : - Patient press call button from handset unit. Flexible spring cord with keypad having press button.
  • Toilet Pull Cord : - Water splash protected. Uses one pull cord switch toggling between ON and OFF whenever it is pulled. Uses one indicating LED which flashes on a call initiation.
  • Door Indicators : - Wall or surface box mountable. Operateable on very low power consumption. Uses best quality plastic housing.


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